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Perks and Mini (P.A.M.), Australia

“Anything and everything can relate to fashion.”

Perks and Mini (P.A.M.) is an Australian lifestyle brand that was founded in Melbourne in 2000. The brains behind the label are the couple Misha “Perks” Hollenbach and Shauna “Mini” Toohey. They both studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where Hollenbach graduated in graphic design and Toohey in fashion design. This designer duo find their inspiration in music, art and fashion – practically everything in their surroundings that affects their lives, including food. P.A.M. is distinguished by its unmistakablegraphic style and the supreme attention paid to detail in all its products. It is known for bright colours and bold, original graphic designs. With its mixture of street culture and high fashion, the P.A.M. label has rapidly attained cult status in the international market for men’s and women’s fashions. P.A.M. has added a new dimension to lifestyle design by drawing together different influences in a uniquely strange, beautiful, humorous way. With its innovative, forwardsthinking products P.A.M. breaks through the barriers of classic fashion. Fun and joy are paramount. P.A.M. refuses to be deflected by economic success or business goals, for their interest is in personal development through constant learning and exploration. P.A.M. has its own stores in Melbourne and Sydney.