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Wukir Suryadi, Indonesia

Wukir Suryadi is an avant-garde Indonesian musician and instrument maker who mixes experimental music practice and folklore traditions. Over the past years, his band Senyawa has enjoyed considerable success on the international music scene. To create his special sounds, Wukir builds his own instruments from a wide variety of everyday objects. The music he composes and plays on these instruments is just as diverse as the materials he uses and transcends any particular musical genre. He has performed at a range of different venues and is as much at home in Berlin’s Berghain club as at international jazz festivals. During his residency at the Weltkulturen Museum, Wukir engages with the museum’s Indonesian collection, taking ethnographic artefacts and objects as an inspiration to develop new instruments, sounds and performances.

Wukir Suryadi (* 1977, Indonesia) lives and works in Yogyakarta. Describing himself as a “sounds researcher”, for many years he produced musical arrangements and sound designs for Teater Idiot (Malang, East Java) and Teater Ragil (Surabaya). He joined the theatre workshop Bengkel Teater run by WS Rendra, one of Indonesia’s leading poets, dramatists and directors. With his duo “Senyawa”, Wukir has toured regularly in Japan, Australia and Europe. He has most recently played at such varied venues as the Berghain and the CTM Festival in Berlin, Copenhagen’s Jazzhouse and the Sydney Festival 2015. His latest solo album “Antara Dapur & Lingkungannya” is released on the Yesnowave label. As part of “The Instruments Builder Project”, he also regularly exhibits the instruments he has built at venues including, for example, the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne (2014).

During his residence Wukir Suyradi will keep a “Picture Diary” on Instagram to give insights into his artistic research at the Weltkulturen Labor.

You will find recordings of Wukir Suryadi‘s “Sounding Objects” at soundcloud.com/morphinerecords. The recordings of Wukir‘s band “Senyawa“ are also distributed by Morphine Records.