BALI IN THE CAMERA'S FOCUS. Three Balinese Photographers 1930 - 2009

Achim Sibeth (Ed.) 2009, P. 184, 131 Illustrations, (ISBN 3-88270-416-0)

Even before the First World War, Europeans partially introduced the romantic cliché of a heavenly life in Bali through a wave of illustrated books, travel stories, and films. The 112 pictures of the exhibition deliberately focus our attention on the photographs taken by photographers born and living in Bali rather than those taken by Western photographers. In the course of the approximately 80 years their work encompasses, the photographers  Auw Kok Heng (1913-1967), his son Karyadinata Sudjana (born 1942) and Ida Bagus Putra Aduyana (born 1958), representing three generations, have experimented and worked with very different camera types and varied photographic media. Their photographic work certainly represents the style of the artists' times and meets the expectations of their respective generation. At the same time, it speaks to the individual expression each artist developed through his photography.