CLADOWS – a neologism for clay and shadows – is the first of a two part exhibition curated by artist Shane Munro in the Green Room of the Weltkulturen Labor at Schaumainkai 37.

Eight international artists connected through their studies at the Staedelschule and a previous art event (‘Amateur Night’, March 2011, The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland) undertake an exploration of future ethnography. Visiting the stores of the Weltkulturen Museum, they take their cue from Javanese and Balinese shadow puppets and produce an exhibition structure and collective artwork, CLADOWS, based on the museum’s collections.

CLADOWS makes use of clay, double-sided opaque screens, and different light sources. Shadows from art works specially produced for the exhibition are cast onto both sides of the screens. These shadows permeate the screens, cross-referencing one another. Some shadows change with the passing of the day. CLADOWS reinterprets the original source of the shadow play, casting a different light onto the concept of an ethnographic exhibition at the Weltkulturen Museum.

Film documentation of the exhibition will form the basis for the second part of the show to open on 16th August. Whereas the first part functions as the casting for the film, the second will be its screening. Finally, the exhibition concept and the film will be gifted as artworks to the Weltkulturen Museum. They may be used as a physical structure to throw shadows from objects in its collection into the future.


Timothy Furey, 1981, Cork, Ireland
Oliver Heinzenberger, 1976, Bridgend, Wales
Theresa Kampmeier, 1991, Arnsberg, Germany
Danny Kerschen, 1977, Norwich, England
Tonio Kröner, 1984, Datteln, Germany
Dana Munro, 1978, Belgrade, Serbia
Ruairiadh O'Connell, 1983, Aberdeen, Scotland
Eric Sidner, 1985, Houston, Texas

Friday, 8. July 2011 to Sunday, 7. August 2011
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