GREY IS THE NEW PINK - Moments of Ageing

Opening: Thursday, 25th October 2018, 7pm

Who is old – where and when? Can we meet the ‘challenge of ageing’ optimistically? And what untapped potential lies slumbering in the process of aging?

Projections for global demographic trends are forecasting an increase in the world’s older population. The process of growing older is not just important for each individual, but has implications for the social and cultural spheres. Yet each generation ages differently. And when can we actually talk of someone as ‘old’ at all? Even if the visible biological aging processes are the same the world over, each culture has its differences in defining ‘age’. There is no universally valid definition of when ‘old age’ starts. So who is old – where and when?
GREY IS THE NEW PINK presents diverse ideas and models of ‘age(ing)’ from the perspective of cultural studies and the visual arts, as well as personal and individual experience. Like fragments in a lifetime’s memories, the exhibition combines into an anthology of aging the individual ways of dealing with such topics as lifestyle, love and sexuality, transmission of knowledge, longevity, illness, health, and death.
‘Age(ing)’ is explored internationally in photography, film and creative writing both in the work of scientists, artists and poets, as well as younger and older people from the general population. The exhibition also includes numerous objects from the Weltkulturen Museum’s Africa, Americas, South East Asia, Oceania and Visual Anthropology collections.

The exhibition is showing objects from the Weltkulturen Museum collection, newly created works from the “Call for Content” project, literary texts from the textgestALTER project, lyrical responses by poet Ramy Al Asheq and photographic works and films by the artists Karsten Thormaehlen, Ishola Akpo, Osborne Macharia, Naama Attias, Jake Verzosa and many more.

Participants: Ramy Al Asheq (*1989 PS/SY/DE), Karsten Thormaehlen (*1965 DE), Ishola Akpo (*1983 CI/BJ), Osborne Maccharia (KE), Naama Attias (*1989 IL) und Jake Verzosa (*1979 PH) among others as well as participants in the open global “Call for Content” and the “textgestALTER” project.



Thursday, 25. October 2018 - 11:00 to Sunday, 1. September 2019 - 18:00
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