“My decision is based on the extremely positive development of the museum under the acting direction of Dr. Eva Raabe”, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture Ina Hartwig explains the choice of the Weltkulturen Museum's new director.

Eva Ch. Raabe (*1957) studied ethnology (cultural anthropology) at Göttingen University. She has been curator of the Oceania Department at the Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt since 1985. She specialized on the anthropology of art, material culture studies and on Melanesian art. She collected contemporary art in Papua New Guinea and curated several exhibitions for the museum. Between 1991 and 2000 she was an associate lecturer at Marburg University.

She was co-founder of the Gallery 37 which was the Museum’s special exhibition space for contemporary art from non-European countries (1997-2010). This gallery was acknowledged as project of the World Decade of Cultural Development by the UNESCO. 1998/99 Eva Raabe was an International Research Fellow at the Centre of Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University and did research on contemporary art in Papua New Guinea. She worked with Papua New Guinean artists and analyzed their reception by a European audience. Since 2011 she was deputy director and since 2015 acting director of the Weltkulturen Museum.