We proudly present the kick-off for our podcast "Märchen Roland"!
Every two weeks, we celebrate fairtytale wednesday with phantastic stories for young and old!

Here, you can find the podcast on Youtube and Soundcloud.

This what the hosts say about their project:

"The podcast 'Märchen Roland' was created as part of the exhibition GREY IS THE NEW PINK. Fairytales connect young and old and are one of the most common ways to pass on norms as well as knowledge to younger generations. We are Roland Schneider (storytelling uncle and always active) and Nadine Müller (volunteer at the Weltkulturen Museum, alsways curious and still without the problems of ageing). The podcast is a possibility for us to get to know interesting stories, exchange views and focus on the important parts of life."
The first episode of "Märchen Roland" will be launched on June 12th!

Hosts: Roland Schneider and Nadine Müller