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“What is this doing here?”

with Julia Albrecht (Weltkulturen Education and curator of the exhibition), Leonie Neumann (curator Africa collection) and Frauke Gathof (Research assistant Africa collection)

How did the objects become part of the Weltkulturen Museum, and under what circumstances? In the workshop “What is this doing here?” we undertake a critical exploration of the stories of several objects in the museum collection, looking at their background and how they were acquired. These objects are closely intertwined with colonial history in Germany.

The participants will gain insights into the debate on ownership and demands for restitution in an ethnological collection, and in group discussions they will then work out a potential stance on the issue.

Online-Workshop via Zoom

As part of the exhibition “HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. From Being Rendered Invisible and Becoming Visible”.

Please book in advance: or 069 212 39898