Weltkulturen Labor

The Weltkulturen Labor is an experimental space which serves as a laboratory for showcasing exhibitions as well as international and interdisciplinary cooperation projects.

The Weltkulturen Labor’s remit is to present ethnological themes, topics and exhibits in a museum context in a way facilitating the immediacy of access for the visitors. Here, individual areas selected from the diversity of key ethnological themes can be highlighted and explored in detail. Such presentations are also accompanied by international cooperation projects, though these too are informed by the principle of the accessibility of the work with the collections and opening up the scholarly research to a broad audience.

In addition to the exhibition areas, the raised ground floor level offers a large wood-panelled room for talks, lectures, presentations and events. The upper floors comprise the Weltkulturen Labor along with a number of studios and accommodation for guest artists and scholars.

Information on exhibitions in the Weltkulturen Labor can be found here on the events here.