With the sound recordings of some bells from the Kingdom of Benin, which are currently in the collection of the Weltkulturen Museum, a surprising connection to the exhibition "Sound Sources. Everything is Music!" (Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29) is established.

How sounds determine our everyday lives is part of the exhibition "Klangquellen. Everything is Music!". Each place has its own soundscape or soundscape, shaped by the local environment, animals and people, their activities and interactions.

For example, the smaller bells from the Benin Kingdom were probably tied to a band around the chest and worn as part of a suit of armor. Their ringing was meant to intimidate enemies in battle and give spiritual protection to the warrior. On our website as well as in the Benin exhibition (World Cultures Laboratory, Schaumainai 37) you will find sound recordings of the collection objects, which were recorded in June 2023.

You can also read more about the significance of the bells and how sounds are used to emphasize one's dominance in the upcoming World Cultures News! Subscribe for free via our website.

You can find the sound recordings here!

Sound recording of the three bells N.S. 2298, 2299 and 4283
recorded in collaboration with the exhibition Sound Sources in June 2023 by CCP Studios, Offenbach