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Architecture & Critical Spatial Class 2012/13 of the Städelschule Frankfurt and Markus Miessen (Hrsg.): 40 pages, 41 illustrations, English.

The publication STEALTH ARCHITECTURE – Architecture + Critical Spatial Practice references the exhibition organized by the Architecture & Critical Spatial Class of the Städelschule Frankfurt. The students worked on the project together with guest professor Markus Miessen and photographer Armin Linke.

Within the framework of "Theatrum Mundi/Global Street", initiated and led by Prof. Richard Sennett and Prof. Saskia Sassen,the Weltkulturen Museum invited Markus Miessen and the Architecture & Critical Spatial Practice (ACSP) class of the Städelschule to contextualize their research on the spatialization of (in)formal trade in Frankfurt basing their inquiries on the history of the museum and its complex connections to local and global commerce. This research involved mapping the various locations of the museum’s collections within Frankfurt. The outcomes of these investigations are showcased in the exhibition "Stealth Architecture" presented in the museum’s project space, the Green Room.

The research and exhibition of the Architecture & Critical Spatial Practice Class feeds into the development of the next major exhibition at the Weltkulturen Museum: "Ware und Wissen / Gift, Legacy, Acquisition, Exchange" (2013-2014). Analysing the diverse relationships that have determined different strategies of acquisition and appropriation, as well as methods employed in the administration of ‘foreign’ objects the exhibition aims to recast the history of the museum’s ethnographic collection. It seeks to raise critical awareness of the contexts, access to, and re-organisation of knowledge based on artefacts gathered from different parts of the world.

Numerous informative articles along with illustrations and photographs created in the framework of the project combine to make up a graphic presentation of the theme addressed in the exhibition.