“May the Orixá be with you!”

The Orixá, the deities in the Candomblé religion in Brazil, all have different qualities - Ogum, for example, the Orixá of iron, stands for technology and logical thought; in contrast, Yemanjá, the Orixá of the sea, plays a dominant yet also protective role. What other Orixá are there and which qualities and stories are associated with them? And why were the Orixá forbidden for so many years - and yet still survive today?

We want to find out how the followers of the Candomblé religion can pacify and strengthen their Orixá, and what the Orixá offer people in return. Is it possible to find a personal helper to support and help us in the ups and downs of everyday life?

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Wednesday, 1. August 2018 - 11:00
For children from six years old.
€7,50. Registration required
Weltkulturen Education, Schaumainkai 29