Exhibition action week
„GREY IS THE NEW PINK - Moments of Ageing“

Who is old – where and when? Can we meet the ‘challenge of ageing’ optimistically? And what potential lies slumbering in the process of ageing?

The process of growing older is not just important for each individual, but has implications for the social and cultural spheres. Yet each generation ages differently. In the exhibition ‘age(ing)’ is explored internationally in photographs, videos, literature, drawings, as well as large-scale and multimedia installations and performances both in the work of scientists, artists and poets, as well as younger and older people from the general population. Numerous exhibits from the from the Weltkulturen Museum’s collections broaden the view of the subject. Like fragments in a lifetime’s memories, the exhibition combines into an anthology of ageing the individual ways of dealing with such topics as lifestyle, love and sexuality, transmission of knowledge, longevity, illness, health, and death. You can find more information about the exhibition here.


Night of the Museums
“NIGHTpoets – Poetic interpretations of age(ing)”
Saturday, 11th May, 8.30 – 11.30pm Interactive Writing, 9 and 11pm Performances

Artists in Conversation
“Ageing – Concrete and Abstract”
Artists in Conversation with a tour of the exhibition GREY IS THE NEW PINK with Kathrin Sachse (photographer, Dreieich)
and Karsten Thormaehlen(photographer, Frankfurt)
Sunday, 12th May, 3pm

Panel Discussion
„Let’s talk about… – Panel discussion on the potentials and challenges of age"
Wednesday, 15th May, 8pm

Film Evening
Long-term documentary „Adelheid, Kornelius & die Töde“  with Kirstin Schmitt (director, Gelnhausen/Berlin) and Maren Schmitt (producer, Gelnhausen/Berlin)
Thursday, 16 May, 7pm , Entry: 5€
(91minutes / Direct cinema / Long-term documentary / original Hesse dialect with English subtitles )

Dance Workshop
Dance Workshop 60+ (with Petra Lehr)
„You can dance at any age“
Friday, 17th May, 3-6pm

Workshop with Exhibition Tour
A Trip in a Time Capsule to the Past and Future
Saturday, 18th May, 10am - 1pm

Dance Tour
With the Ü60 dance club, the choreographer Petra Lehr and the accordeonist Christiane Lüder
Sunday, 19th May, 5pm

Saturday, 11. May 2019 - 19:00 to Sunday, 19. May 2019 - 18:00
Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29-37