GREY IS THE NEW PINK - Moments of Ageing“ and COLLECTION AS NARRATIVE - Wanzke's Artistic Journey Around the World“

Night poets take you on a lyrical tour of our GREY IS THE NEW PINK exhibition, artist and curator Reinhard Wanzke offers a look behind the scenes of the exhibition COLLECTION AS NARRATIVE and at our interactive station you can make your own block prints with 'Peace of Paper'.

“NIGHTpoets – Poetic interpretations of age(ing)”
With Finn Holitzka, Samuel Kramer (slam poets, Offenbach) and Roland Schneider (senior poet, Frankfurt)
Saturday, 11 May
8.30 – 11.30pm Interactive Writing
9 and 11pm Performances

NIGHTpoets Finn Holitzka (*1995), Samuel Kramer (*1996) and Roland Schneider (*1954) present on stage a poetic reading of age and the GREY IS THE NEW PINK exhibition. In their works, these two spoken word performers, known throughout Germany document the mood of the evening, integrate inputs from visitors, and present freshly-created vibrant and entertaining poems. This firework of slam poetry is supplemented by the lyrical performance of Roland Schneider, wordsmith and senior poet. The event provides an artistic mix of wordplay and pithy commentary by these three poets on the exhibition, ageing and the Night of the Museums.
Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29

GREY IS THE NEW PINK - Moments of Ageing“
7 and 8pm (with Eva Neukirchner)
10 and 12pm (with Severine Meier)

Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29

„COLLECTION AS NARRATIVE - Wanzkes Artistic Journey Around the World“
with Reinhard Wanzke
8.30pm and 9.30pm

With the objects they collect, museums and collectors create narratives. While travelling around the world in 2016/17, Frankfurt artist Reinhard Wanzke collected 50 artworks that could hardly be more diverse and each has its own story. You can find more information about the exhibition here
Weltkulturen Labor, Schaumainkai 37

INTERACTIVE STATION with „Peace of Paper“

The voluntary project from Munich "Peace of Paper" holds its first ever popular workshop in Frankfurt. The project brings together a playful idea of fledgling and local people on an artistic level.
At the "Night of the Museums" interactive station, visitors can be creative themselves and stamp out unusual gift papers and cards together with refugees. Alternatively, products created in advance can be taken home. Designing and printing stamps is a simple technique that makes it easy for people of all languages and countries to work together, share ideas, have fun, to get to know each other and network. The products support aid organizations working for people along the escape routes (IHA, Orient Helpers, Sea-Watch).
Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29

Saturday, 11. May 2019 - 19:00 to Sunday, 12. May 2019 - 2:00
Nacht der Museen-Ticket: 14€ / Museumsufercard: Free entrance
Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29-37