„An Ode to Women“
With Vanessa von Gliszczynski (curator South East Asia)

With “Mahina. An Ode to Women”, Vanessa von Gliszczynski, curator South East Asia at the Weltkulturen Museum, presents a photo project by the artist collective Teru. In her guided tour through the current exhibition “Worlds in Motion”, she discusses the question how especially women in the diaspora deal with cultural elements from their culture of origin. Creative handling and the reinterpretation of cultural elements combine the Mahina project with the exhibition room “music with a migration history”: “How do musical instruments change when they come into contact with other cultures. Are there 'authentic' instruments or is everything part of a constant flow?"

Saturday, 18. January 2020 - 15:00
7 € / 3,50 €
Costs of the tour included in admission fee.