“Stealth Architecture”

Architecture & Critical Spatial Practice Class, Städelschule Frankfurt – Guest Professor Markus Miessen with Iva Baljkas, Matthias Görlich and Joel Roy.

For a year the „Architecture and Critical Spatial Practice“(ACSP) Class 2012/2013 examines questions and phenomena of the spatialisation of(in)formal trade. The group analyses the specific urban realities of the 21st century, potentials of exchange and trade, as well as the objects and spaces that these elements produce. The city of Frankfurt serves as a key example for the circulation of material and immaterial goods. The historical context of the investigation is based on the history of the Weltkulturen Museum and its complex relations with local and global trade. First research results of the ACSP class are currently presented in the exhibition “Stealth Architecture” in the Museum’s project space, the Green Room.

In their presentation, Guest Professor Markus Miessen, Iva Baljkas, Matthias Görlich and Joel Roy will go into the historic references and offer insights into the development process of the project.

They will also comment on the first results of their site-specific investigations, which are on display in the Green Room. These attempt to visualise the unseen through the mapping of (in)formal trade and analysis of the spatialisation of trade-related phenomena in the Münchner Straße of the Bahnhofsviertel and the positioning of the various data centres based in Frankfurt.

„Stealth Architecture“ is a collaboration of the Weltkulturen Museum and the Städelschule within the framework of Theatrum Mundi/Global Street.



Wednesday, 27. February 2013 - 19:00
€3 / reduced €1.50 incl. refreshments.
Weltkulturen Labor, Schaumainkai 37