Children’s Birthday Parties

Children from six years old can celebrate a fun birthday party exploring the Weltkulturen Museum with eleven of their friends!

The range of topics includes:

Gegenstand Maske / The mask as an object
Are there more to masks than meets the eye? What role do people wearing masks adopt? We explore examples of masks belonging to the museum’s educational collection of over 2000 objects from different cultures across the world to examine the phenomenon of masks on a variety of levels – and we design our own personal masks.

Animal heroes from around the world
Certain traits are often attributed to animals, not just in Western cultures. Using myths and fables from all over the world, the participants will get to know more about dwarf musk deer, crocodiles, bears and many other animals, and each child can create his or her own animal hero.

Does red stand for love and green for hope?
You will get to know the different meanings of colours throughout the world and you can learn how fabrics are given batik patterns with the help of an Indonesian tjanting and liquid wax.

Cash, dough, tanners or loonies
Swap a button against a piece of chewing gum, Ronaldo against Neuer, tea bricks against cocoa beans and cowries against land. We take a critical look at history and the meaning of money, and switch on the printing press.

Shadow Play
Who exactly are Semar the pot-bellied clown and Hanuman the Monkey King? We discover the adventures experienced by heroes, demons and giants in Javanese wayang puppetry, and try out a performance ourselves.

Costs and Duration:
130 Euros (2.5 hours/max. 12 children) + 3 Euros materials per child.
Cakes provided by parents can be eaten during the workshop.

Details and registration: 069 212 39898 or