Children’s Workshops

The Weltkulturen Museum offers various workshops and guided tours for families and kids. Some are also held in English. Got to our calendar for more information.

Workshop based on the current exhibition WORLDS IN MOTION:

The Power of Maps
Who creates maps? And what effects can maps have on us? In this workshop we will look at various (Non)-European mappings from the past until the present and question them about the stories and world views that are imbedded in them.

Then we go into the exhibition and learn how a poem or a map made from sticks and snails can help you navigate your boat across long distances.

Duration: 2 hours, costs: 6€ per person

Workshops in our current exhibition POSTED:

Flyposting Strictly Allowed
What is a poster? Have you ever noticed advertising posters in the city, and if so why? After visiting the exhibition POSTED! Reflections of Native North America, we discuss the topics and content of the posters we have seen and design one of our own.

Duration: 2h, costs: 6€ per person

Starting from 24th October 2019 we will show the new exhibition "WORLDS IN MOTION. Narrating Migration". In autumn you will find all workshops here.