Sharing Museums – Inclusive education in the Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt

The exhibition A LABOUR OF LOVE, which showcased works by black South African artists from the 1980s, provided the inspiration for art education students at the Goethe-University Frankfurt to design three different educational workshops. On three mornings, a total of ten participants from the Kunstatelier Praunheimer Werkstätten, an open art studio for people with mental disabilities, took part in the workshops.

To develop the workshops, the students began with a theory phase with discussion of current educational discourses addressing such issues as inclusion and education in ethnological museums. They then worked in small groups, with each group designing a three-hour workshop combining a visit to the exhibition with practical work in the museum’s printing workshop. On this basis, the discussions in the exhibition were structured around such themes as sadness, joy and love. In addition, based on the topic of apartheid, so much a part of many of these prints from the 1980s, they also considered discrimination and marginalisation as well as strategies for overcoming them. In the printing workshop, the participants experimented with such processes as monotype, milk carton and styrofoam printing.

The students then presented the results in Fanzines and at a presentation with all those involved.

The workshops provided an interactive learning process on an equal footing for all, and were marked by mutual interest and curiosity facilitating a shift in perspective for everyone taking part.

Project Management: Stephanie Endter, Head of Education Weltkulturen Museum and Aline von der Assen, artist and art educator.

Students at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main: Ann-Cathrin Agethen, Serkan Egridere, Jessica Fabiano, Adelina Fast, Clara Fink, Sarah Heinrichs, Laura Keller, Larissa Kleinau, Christoph Strunck, Tabea Trosien, Hannah Wagner and Elisabeth Wildt

Participants from the Kunstatelier Praunheimer Werkstätten: Sascha Firle, Michael Flamm, Sahnoza Gebel, Jakob Jerominek, Sandra Lohrmann, Xiaozheng Pang, Marcie Smith, Patrick Toussaint, Werner Trapp and Sonia Walia

Our special thanks go to Pagona Paul, Head of the Kunstatelier Praunheimer Werkstätten.

A cooperation between the Weltkulturen Museum with the Goethe-University Frankfurt and the Praunheimer Werkstätten.

Weltkulturen Museum 2016