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Children’s Workshops

The Weltkulturen Museum offers various workshops and guided tours for families and kids, which can be booked as groups. For price information and booking, please contact our education team at .

Our current public workshops and guided tours can be found in our calendar.

Workshops based on our current exhibition „GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds“

  1. When Colours Cast Shadows

    Adventurous, courageous and wise figures are an essential aspect of Wayang, the Javanese form of shadow puppetry. But why do the faces of the shadow puppets appear in different colours, and what do those colours mean? In the exhibition “GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds” we will first find out about the role that colours, light and shadow play for these mythical characters, and then we will design our own fantasy figures.
    Duration: 2 hours
  2. Colour Games
    After visiting the exhibition “GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds” the participants will try their hands at wax batik. They decorate bags with liquid wax and dye them in their favorite colors.
  3. Soft Shades

    In the exhibition "GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS" we encounter the most diverse colors: for example, the iridescent green of the jewel beetle, the dull red of the pepper stone or the soft nuances of mother-of-pearl. After the interactive family tour, we will make our own natural paints for painting.
  4. Spicy shades

    Whether it’s chilli red, mustard yellow or sky blue, colours can whet our appetite, arouse our attention or warn us of danger. How do we actually use colours to communicate? And what role do they play in our everyday lives? In this workshop we will go around the exhibition “GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds” and experiment in the dedicated workshop space.
    Duration: 2 hours
  5. Who do I want to be?

    Masks can give their wearers strength, courage or imagination. The participants are inspired by the masks in the exhibition "Green Sky, Blue Grass. Colors order worlds" and think about how they want to be. Afterwards, they design their own strength-giving figures.
  6. Sky Blue, Crocodile Green, Lemon Yellow

    The world of colours is truly thrilling. What colours are there and where do we find them? In nature we come across colours wherever we look: in plants, in the animal kingdom, and in rocks and minerals. Berries dye our hands red or blue. Colours can also be seen in many different combinations on animals: for example on a butterfly’s wings, the feathers of birds, and the skin and fur of various creatures. We will discover all the colours in the exhibition “GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds”. After that we will produce our own colours from natural materials.
    Duration: 2 hours