Become a member of the Friends of the Museum!

The Friends of the Weltkulturen Museum (Freundeskreis des Weltkulturen Museums) support the institution and its wide range of activities.

Members meet at 7pm on every second Thursday of the month in the Museum’s Villa at Schaumainkai 35. This jour fixe enables a lively exchange of opinions and fosters a deeper understanding of the world cultures. See events Freundeskreis.

The jour fixe lectures are documented and circulated by email to members. Upon request, the documentation will be sent (

We also organise members’ trips to visit other museums and collections in line with our interests.

We are a registered non-profit organisation and membership fees and donations are tax deductible. Membership is defined by the statutes of the association.

As a member you enjoy numerous benefits.

We welcome you as a potential member and as a guest at our next members’ meeting.

To join simply fill out the registration form.

Chairwoman: Adelheid Tröscher
Deputy chairmen: Dr. Peter Wilke, Dr. Uwe Tessmar

For further information: Freundeskreis des Museums der Weltkulturen e.V., Tel: +49-69-6772-6341,