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“Sky Blue, Crocodile Green, Lemon Yellow”

The world of colours is truly thrilling. What colours are there and where do we find them? In nature we come across colours wherever we look: in plants, in the animal kingdom, and in rocks and minerals. Berries dye our hands red or blue. Colours can also be seen in many different combinations on animals: for example on a butterfly’s wings, the feathers of birds, and the skin and fur of various creatures.

How do colours smell? Can we taste them? First of all we will discover the colours in the exhibition “GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds”. After that we will produce our own colours from natural materials.

For children from 6 years old.
Please register via the booking button “TERMIN BUCHEN”.

Weltkulturen Museum
Schaumainkai 29
60594 Frankfurt