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"Seeing with your ears

with Lasse-Marc Riek (sound artist)

The world is full of noises: familiar, loud, rare, barely audible, entrancing, funny, surprising, sad, confusing, playful… but all too seldom do we listen to them attentively.

This workshop seeks to encourage people to hear things mindfully and adopt a creative approach to noises. The participants will track down sound spaces and explore their acoustic environment by looking at their own specific attitudes to sound. This will allow them to re-experience and re-discover their individual surroundings and habitat from a whole new perspective. Practical exercises about how people perceive what they hear as well as listening walks are two very different ways of investigating sound spaces. By utilising various techniques with microphones, recordings and digital editing we will create our own sound spaces, discover and play everyday items that produce sounds, or generate sound portraits.

Place on workshop: €21/€10.50. Please book in advance.
Venue: Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29