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*** FULLY BOOKED*** ​Gamelan-Workshop with Wacana Budaya, Frank Purwanto and Heri Djajasumadi (gamelan orchestra directors)

With: Frank Purwanto und Heri Djajasumadi

Gamelan orchestras are an important aspect of Javanese and Balinese court cultures, but there are also smaller ensembles in the villages. While the metallophones play the melody, the gongs are responsible for the rhythm. The group is conducted by predefined combinations of drum beats which determine the speed or volume. Gamelan orchestras can play on their own or as an accompaniment to dancing or shadow puppetry. There are also smaller gong ensembles on other Indonesian islands, but the Javanese or Balinese gamelan is the most well known by far.

As part of the "Sound Sources" exhibition, the gamelan orchestra Wacana Budaya regularly offers workshops in the exhibition. Wacana Budaya from Frankfurt Höchst was founded in 1984. During the workshop, you will play on instruments from the museum collection on the upper floor of the exhibition.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

No prior experience required.
Place on workshop: €6 plus the cost of admission to the exhibition. Please book in advance.
Venue: Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29