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“Detained in port – when a rescue ship cannot rescue”

With Adrian Pourviseh, Sea-Watch crew

Adrian Pourviseh was present on two Sea-Watch 3 missions in 2019. On both occasions, the Italian authorities obstructed the departure of the rescue ship with nitpicking and bureaucratic hurdles, as is currently the case again.

As part of the crew, who stayed ready to depart every day, Adrian felt first hand how saving lives from drowning became a political issue. In his diary he illustrated his feelings and the everyday events on a sea rescue ship prevented from rescuing lives.

In his lecture, Pourviseh explains the work of Sea-Watch, the exhibited diary entries and shows unpublished illustrations of moments on the ship. He takes a look into the future, exploring how the climate crisis may cause further flight movements - and why it must be talked about everywhere in 2020.

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Weltkulturen Labor, Schaumainkai 37