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“Operation Moonbird – the civil eye over the Mediterranean”

With Manos Radisoglou, air traffic controller and professional pilot

Manos Radisoglou (born in 1988) is half-Greek, which explains his life-long relationship with the Mediterranean. Since 2017 he has been active as a pilot flying operations on the Moonbird in the Central Mediterranean. Operation Moonbird is a joint initiative between Humanitarian Pilots Initiative and Sea-Watch. The aerial mission helps to search for boats in distress at sea and documents human rights violations.

A resident of Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt, Manos has been working full-time as an air traffic controller in Langen near Frankfurt Airport since 2010, and is also a part-time professional pilot.

The exhibition “SW5Y - Five years of civil sea rescue” is a cooperation between Sea-Watch e.V. and the Weltkulturen Museum.

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