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With Berit Mohr (freelance educator)

There are idealised heroic figures associated with courage, strength and bravery all over the world. What distinguishes these heroes and heroines? What are they fighting for? How does someone become a hero or heroine themselves?

These are the questions we want to address in exploring the personal experiences of the young participants and investigating the stages in the journey towards becoming a hero or heroine. The workshop is based on the exhibition “HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. From Being Rendered Invisible and Becoming Visible”, which looks at themes such as heroes of the resistance against colonial powers.

These stories of colonial history and resistance, which have hitherto remained hidden from view, will be considered in an age-appropriate manner and compared with other heroic tales. We will also paint or collage heroes along with other figures (their opponents or assistants), so that by the end of the workshop each group of participants will have depicted a mini-story of heroic feats.

Zoom workshop

Online-Workshop for children from 6 years old
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