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The making of “GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds”. Setting up an exhibition – in pictures.

With the curator Matthias Claudius Hofmann (Oceania curator) and co-curator Vanessa von Gliszczynski (Southeast Asia curator)

Setting up an exhibition takes just a few weeks – but that period has been preceded by many months of intensive planning that involves thinking about and developing the theme, as well as coming up with a design. Once the exhibition is set up it all seems highly coherent. The themes, the exhibits and the exhibition design are all interconnected to form a complex and meaningful whole. But what lies behind the process of developing an exhibition? How are the exhibits chosen? And what conservation conditions have to be considered? What role does the architecture of our exhibition building play in the design, what impact does the design have on the theme, and how can the exhibits be displayed appropriately? In short: what happens behind the scenes before we open the exhibition?

Curator Matthias Claudius Hofmann and co-curator Vanessa von Gliszczynski will be your guides for this glimpse behind the scenes, giving you some insights into the fascinating process of developing the exhibition “GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds”.

The talk will be accompanied by visuals and followed by a chat, all via Zoom.

Free of charge.
Please book in advance.