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“Music Narrates Migration!”
In the exhibition “WORLDS IN MOTION. Narrating Migration”
With Oliver Hahn (cultural scientist)

In his special tour in the exhibition “WORLDS IN MOTION. Narrating Migration”, cultural scientist Oliver Hahn focusses on the migration histories of different musical instruments in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Using stringed instruments as an example, he shows how musical instruments and styles spread in the archipelago through migration. The displayed instruments, like the rebab and the kacapi, are often identified as “typical” or “original” Indonesian instruments. Is this possible or even necessary at all? The tour draws special attention to bamboo tube zithers. Not only do they have a remarkable history but they have also lived a revival for the last years in modern music.

€7 / €3.50. Costs of the tour included in admission fee.
Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29