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As part of the exhibition “HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. From Being Rendered Invisible and Becoming Visible”

This city tour critically explores traces of German colonial history locally in Frankfurt. Starting out from the Weltkulturen Museum, the participants will stop off at various points along the way that illustrate German society (not) reappraising and (not) remembering its colonial history. We will focus on the theme of historical and contemporary references to colonialism at the local level. This is an attempt to address traces of colonialism in present-day German society – specifically in Frankfurt – and thereby gain an awareness of the power inequalities that first emerged in the colonial past and still linger to some extent.

This tour of the city does not include a visit to the exhibition “Hidden in Plain Sight”.

You can only participate if you provide evidence that you do not have Covid. Your negative test should be no more than 24 hours old. People who are completely vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid are exempt from the testing requirement.

Please note: as we would like to avoid reproducing racist or colonial language or images on this tour, we would ask you to be considerate in this respect.

Meeting point: Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 37, Frankfurt am Main

€8, reduced €4
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