Weltkulturen Education

At the events offered by the Weltkulturen Museum’s education department, participants can discuss the themes of the current exhibition, research the objects, and create their own connections with the collection, thus developing new ideas, questions or artistic objects.

We want children, young people and adults to see the Weltkulturen Museum as somewhere that belongs to them – not simply visiting the museum, but making it their own.

The Weltkulturen Museum offers guided tours and workshops for all age groups in the current exhibition. Some are also held in English.

In the “Weltkulturen Researchers’ Club”, children aged between eight and twelve meet in the museum to open their research diaries, set off on excursions and explore their questions about the museum like an anthropologist or an artist.

Children’s birthday parties can also be held in the Weltkulturen Museum. Working with the education department’s special hands-on collection, children can create masks and batiks or build their own pinhole camera.

Workshop events around the current exhibition address all ages, from pre-school to the end of secondary schooling. Teachers working at any of these levels can sign up for training courses at the Weltkulturen Museum.


Further information available on 069 212 45115 or weltkulturen.bildung@stadt-frankfurt.de.

We are very happy that the Aventis Foundation supports within the frame of its cultural initiative „eXperimente“ selected projects of the education department during the years 2013-2014.