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Here, you can find a selection of educational formats exemplary of our critical engagement with the museum’s main themes and subjects.

A number of examples highlight successful on-going cooperations with other institutions of Frankfurt, such as, for example, the Joblinge Writing Workshop with the artist and writer Phyllis Kiehl and Joblinge gAG or Wanderwege (Travel Routes), a workshop run as part of our Nature, Culture, Architecture project, a cooperation with Senckenberg Naturmuseum und DAM Deutsches Architekturmuseum.

An important part of our work is also the training of mutipliers. An example therefor is a training for prospective educators in cooperation with Kita Frankfurt and Inge Schmittinger of the Berta Jourdan School. Each year the students develop their own educational formats and put these into practice with a group of children.

The educational team also published two books. In "Irgendwas zu Afrika"(Something About Afrika) and "Das Museum als Ort des Verlernens"(The Museum as Site of Unlearning) the educators reflect upon their own practice.