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Children’s Workshops

The Weltkulturen Museum offers various workshops and guided tours for families and kids, which can be booked as groups. For price information and booking, please contact our education team at .

Our current public workshops and guided tours can be found in our calendar.

Workshops based on our current exhibition "healing. Life in Balance“

  1. In the jungle of thoughts

    Could the last tree fall one day? Can the sea vomit? How can we deal with global crises? In this workshop we will address a range of questions and ideas that have emerged during the “healing. Life in Balance” exhibition and explore them from an artistic and creative perspective.   All the results of the workshop will grow into a gigantic “jungle of thoughts” in the education department as the exhibition progresses.
    Duration: 2 hours, cost: €6 per person
  2. Island tales
    The sun, glorious beaches, palm trees, colourful houses: these are the things we associate with the Caribbean. But who knows anything about the Arawaks or the Caribs, the Indigenous people who gave their name to the Caribbean? How did the other people who live in the Caribbean get there? And what does it all have to do with Anansi, the cunning spider? Starting with a tour around the exhibition “healing. Life in Balance”, we will collectively research some Caribbean stories and come up with our own Anansi adventure.
    Duration: 2 hours, cost: €6 per person
  3. Climate heroes 
    How do children and teenagers draw attention to environmental problems? What can they do to ensure a climate-friendly future? In this workshop we will be using a variety of media to look at familiar and less well-known climate heroes from around the world, designing our own little zine in the process. 
    Duration: 2.5 hours, cost: €7.50 per person