Since Autumn 2011, the Weltkulturen Museum has been offering a new informal education programme for interested people with diverse educational backgrounds: the Abendschule or  Evening School, which adheres to the guidelines of lifelong learning and works on the principle of combining practical knowledge with the acquisition of theoretical knowledge. Participants need have no specific previous qualifications.

Under headings such as Cooking, Writing, Music, Fashion, etc., lectures, seminars, performances and workshops are given over a three-month period. These entail a high-level introduction to the topic and active involvement by the participants. A selection of relevant ethnographical objects, films or photographs from the museum’s collections form the respective basis.

The individual “courses” are interlinked, and it is possible to join in at any time. The Evening School thrives on the enthusiastic participation of its heterogeneous participants. The respective costs are kept relatively low so as to make the Evening School a social meeting point for a wide variety of people.

Evening Schools already completed:

The World in a Spoon
Curated by Sebastian Schellhaas, Gastro-ethnologist
(October 2011 - June 2012)
Target group: adults of all educational backgrounds

Freestyle – Writing training
Conceived and directed by Phyllis Kiehl, artist and author (February - April 2012)
Target group: adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 26

Weltkulturen Music - The World through your Ears
Curated by Oliver Augst, musician, and Vanessa von Gliszczynski, custodian for Southeast Asia at the Weltkulturen Museum
(September – November 2012)
Target group: adults of all educational backgrounds