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“GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colour Coding Worlds”

with Iris Loew 

Our world is full of colour, but do all cultures see it in the same way? While the scientific basis for perception is identical for everyone, light waves can’t really explain how we name our impressions of colour, the number (and kind) of categories we divide these colours into, or the meanings and associations we ascribe to them.

Touring the exhibition, Iris Loew shows how perception of colour sometimes differs enormously depending on the language and culture involved.

The tour is aimed at people with and without hearing impairments. By means of the provided induction system and the switching on of the T-coil on their own hearing aid, CI wearers can also follow the tour through the exhibition acoustically better. The number of participants is limited, so that each participant has an optimal listening experience. The offer is a cooperation of the Weltkulturen Museum and the Frankfurter Stiftung für Gehörlose und Schwerhörige.

Please register via the booking button “TERMIN BUCHEN”.

€7 / €3.50
Costs of the tour included in admission fee.
When visiting the exhibition, induction loops are provided free of charge if required.
Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 29
Please register via the booking button “TERMIN BUCHEN”.