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COLLECTION AS NARRATIVE. Wanzke's Artistic Journey Around the World

Opening: 10th April, 7pm

With the objects they collect, museums and collectors create narratives. While travelling around the world in 2016/17, Frankfurt artist Reinhard Wanzke collected 50 artworks. These could hardly be more diverse: They range from an abstract painting by Ugandan artist WASWAD to a 3D graffiti by Australian street artist Screw7oose and a hand-painted ceramic by the artist Wang Hongjun from China. In the Weltkulturen Labor, the entire collection compiled in seven stages, will be on exhibit for the first time, providing insight into the collector’s unique and personal experiences.

Curated by Reinhard Wanzke. Weltkulturen Museum: Julia Friedel (curator Africa)

Weltkulturen Museum, Schaumainkai 37, 60594 Frankfurt