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***Exhibition opening 27th August, 7 pm***

"In Plain Sight. #ichbinsichtbar" is a guest exhibition of Kosmos e.V. at the Weltkulturen Labor accompanying the exhibition "HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. From Being Rendered Invisible and Becoming Visible“.

In portraits and statements, young people talk about their very different realities of life, their experiences with racism and discrimination, their wishes and demands on society and political leaders. The aim of this exhibition is to draw attention to the lack of representation of young people by creating a space for them to make their voices heard and as a result become more visible.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a social media campaign to spread the message and goals in public. Under the hashtag #ichbinsichtbar, young people get the opportunity to share their stories on social media in the format of the exhibition images. The exhibition addresses primarily young people who are not heard and seriously considered enough in our society because of their experiences of racism and discrimination. Thus, the exhibition is meant to serve as an empowerment space for young people and make them and their voices visible and heard. At the same time, the exhibition welcomes everyone to show the diversity of society and the visibility of different realities of life.

According to the More in Common study (2019), 45% of 18–29-year-olds in Germany belong to the "Invisible Third" of our society, which is less committed than others to democracy and is often disappointed by democratic institutions. Among this 45% of young people, the number of young immigrants is even lower. The purpose of this exhibition is to enrich the public discourse by focusing on the "Invisible Third" within society.

The innovative nature of the exhibition lies in the way the topic is addressed and narrated. The exhibition material consists mainly of portrait pictures of young people who tell their stories in personal statements. In addition, the exhibition provides auditory elements that can be listened to via QR-Codes. The audio files consist of descriptions of feelings, thoughts, monologues, and dialogues on the subject. In addition to visual elements, the auditory elements provide further access to information and thus are an important part of this exhibition. 

  1. Curators
    Vecihe Baris Uyar, Sohrab Nazari, Arian Darat
  2. Adress, Opening hours, Prices
    Weltkulturen Museum
    Schaumainkai 37
    60594 Frankfurt

    €3.50 / reduced €1.50
    Children and young adults up to 18 years free

    Opening times:
    Tues – Sun, 11am – 6pm, Wed, 11am – 8pm

    To visit our exhibitions a registration is no longer necessary.
  3. Safety Guidelines
    -Please show one of the following proofs when entering the museum: Vaccination certificate (digital or vaccination card), proof of recovery, negative test proof (not older than 48 hours)
    - Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 m in the entrance and at the counter.
    - Protective masks are mandatory. Please cover mouth and nose. We sell simple protection masks at the counter.
    - Please keep a security distance of at least 1.5 m from visitors and guards.
    - Please sneeze and cough in the crook of your arm, wash or disinfect your hands regularly.
    - People with acute illness must not visit the museum.
    - Please use the marked separate exit.
  4. Audio Tracks

    1 - Jasmin´s Story

    2 - Mahwish´s Story

    3 - Melek´s Story

    4 - Mohammed´s Story

    5 - Rany´s Story

    6 - Samah´s Story

    7 - Nalin & Burak´s Story

    8 - Ridwan´s Story

    9 - Sophia´s Story

    10 - Tinush´s Story

    11 - Nassira´s Story

    12 - The Exhibition

    13 - Impressum

    14 - Raqiya´s Story

    15 - Sabri´s Story

    16 - Damla´s Thoughts

    17 - Rostam´s Story

    19 - Multidimensional Discrimination

    20 - Poor Artists

    22 - Beauty

    23 - My Thoughts on Politics

    24 - Diversity Dictionary

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