After wonderful 16 month, our exhibition "GREEN SKY, BLUE GRASS. Colors coding worlds" ended on August 28th with the Museumsuferfest. 

On its last weekend, around 1,500 visitors were able to immerse themselves in the worlds of color, take part in short tours, or join exhibition curator and Oceania curator Matthias Claudius Hofmann on a guided tour of the exhibition. 

Now is the time for new! 

From November 2, 2022, you will see with us "healing. Life in balance" - an exhibition by Mona Suhrbier and Alice Pawlik, which deals with questions of common interest: 

How to live? In one’s own body with its personal and collective history? With the environment, the spiritual world, in global togetherness? How can crises be overcome? And can balance be found? How to stay or become healthy? And how to be content? How can healing succeed?  

We look forward to your visit from November. Until then the museum remains


In the coming weeks, you can follow us through the remodeling phase on Instagram and Facebook.
Take a look!