Weltkulturen Museum 2020
Production: Urban Media Project 
We thank the Frankfurt Department of Culture for their kind support.
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The Weltkulturen Museum is an ethnological museum which is committed to interdisciplinary cooperation. It operates at the intersection of ethnology and art.

As a museum of the city of Frankfurt, it connects the local and global levels. It is engaged in an active process of international exchange with partners from indigenous cultures and non-European societies.

As a forum for transcultural exchange we promote the diverse spectrum of worldviews, historiographies, religions and aesthetics, as well as an acceptance and appreciation of the same.

We are committed to preserving, looking after and researching the collections in dialogue with their societies of origin, and with artists and scholars.

A key goal is researching provenance and critically reappraising colonial contexts.

The Weltkulturen Museum stands against any kind of exclusion or stigmatisation and seeks to contribute to processes of decolonisation.

We work together as a team to bring our projects to fruition and value the wishes and needs of our visitors.

The Weltkulturen Museum signed the Heidelberg Statement “Decolonising requires dialogue, expertise and support”.