In the exhibition WORLDS IN MOTION you can ...

“… experience what many people would love to do right now: travel. Enjoy the stories linking people and objects on their journeys around the world.” Berit Mohr, Educator

“ … find out, thanks to a video installation by Yasemin Niephaus, why the question ‘Where do you come from?’ is an act of ‘symbolic violence’ in certain contexts. The concept can be traced back to the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. I find it really fascinating because it underlines the fact that this question might seem harmless, but for the person being asked it can be as forceful as physical violence.”
Stephanie Endter, curator education

“… find out what role social media play these days in negotiating issues concerning migration and how this determines people’s own identities in German society.”
Leonie Neumann, Research assistant

“… focuse on our own society, too. We hear from people who have migrated to Frankfurt and run successful businesses in the city. They relate how they have managed to circumvent the occasional problem and budgeted well, while enjoying the protection of gods, saints and good-luck symbols. Their personal stories show that when people migrate to Frankfurt and all around the world, their gods and sacred figures come with them too.”
Mona Suhrbier, curator Americas

“… see how the world’s cultures have always been intertwined. That has never been so apparent as during the Coronavirus crisis, which was triggered by the proliferation of international exchange. But these international relationships go far beyond swapping viruses. Discover the diversity of the world without leaving town!”
Vanessa von Gliszczynski, curator Southeast Asia