Siva Samoa in Frankfurt

In 2018, the New Zealand-born Samoan photographer Raymond Sagapolutele travelled to Frankfurt to take part in the exhibition ‘Grey is the new Pink’ at the Weltkulturen Museum. Two of his works – ‘Siva Samoa’ and ‘Poly Swag’ – were included in the show. They depict his mother Ruta and sister Ufitia as they each dance a traditional Samoan dance – the Siva Samoa. 

In 2019, Raymond returned to Frankfurt, but this time he came with his sister Ufitia and the dancers Lyncia Muller and Natalia Ioana. In homage to their mother and to their shared cultural heritage, Ufitia and the other dancers staged a ceremonial dance performance. 

Their journey to the Weltkulturen Museum and the time they spent there was documented by film-makers Jerry Tauamiti and Samson Rambo. 

Their mini-documentary and much more can be seen here.   

Further information about Raymond Sagapolutele’s trip can be found here.