Since 1993, the Weltkulturen Freundeskreis has not only supported exhibition projects and publications of the Weltkulturen Museum, but also stands for a lively exchange of opinions and interesting lectures with its monthly Jour fixe. Different tasks are assigned depending on the exhibition. For the 2019 Museumsuferfest, the Circle of Friends made it possible for Samoan-New Zealand artists and dancers to visit the museum. The Circle of Friends also supports special restoration tasks. For example, the exhibition "Entre Terra e Mar. Between Earth and Sea. Transatlantic Art", the colorful costumes of the Afro-Brazilian gods Oxóssi and Xangô made by the Candomblé priest Amilton Costa could be shown. The exhibition "Benin. The collection at the Weltkulturenmuseum" in 2023 was also sponsored by the Circle of Friends.

As a member, you enjoy many benefits. We go on excursions to other museums and collections that correspond to our area of interest.

For members, there is a meeting on the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm in Villa 35 of the Weltkulturen Museum. We would be delighted to welcome you as a guest at one of our next members' meetings. You can register as a member using the membership application form.

Being in exchange together. Photo: Linda Deutsch

Members' reasons why they are involved in the Weltkulturen Freundeskreis:

"...because I meet like-minded people with whom I can converse on ethnological topics,because I can learn a lot from the challenging and multifaceted talks at the jours fixes and because I can make contribution towards supporting the Weltkulturen Museum." - Ursula Bummel

" ...because understanding cultures forms the basis for living together peacefully and because I really value the exchange of views with like-minded people and speakers at our monthly Jour fixe." - Timo Scheibach

"...because the Weltkulturen Museum is important for an international city like Frankfurt, and I benefit from that both personally and professionally." - Petra Bouillaut

For more information about membership, please write an e-mail or have a look here! Or write to