14 May - 4 June 2023 

The universe of the Shipibo is filled with invisible patterns. But how do shamans perceive them? And how can the spheres of the cosmos be kept in balance? In the spin-off exhibition “Shipibo Pot Stories. Patterns of the Universe”, a ceremonial beer pot by artist Virgínia Maynas Piñon from the Amazonian rainforest recounts the myths and worldviews of the Shipibo.

Featuring unique patterned drawings, chomos beer pots visualise Shipibo stories about the cosmos. In this spin-off exhibition, one of the human faced pots, called joni chomo, by ceramic artist Virgínia Maynas Piñon is virtually brought to life for a period of three weeks. The multimedia installation - and thesis project - by artist and student René Appel allows the pot to speak, thanks to digital animation. Contemporary Shipibo artist Harry Pinedo advised Appel on the cultural content and contributed his own art works for the animations. This cooperative project connects contemporary Indigenous art and knowledge and the art of digital design.

In addition to the beer pot, the exhibition also presents further Shipibo objects from the Weltkulturen Museum collection that all bear the typical kené patterns of the Shipibo. It explores these patterned drawings, which depict a universe in balance. The exhibition also examines the danger that the destruction of the rainforest poses to this balance.

“Shipibo Pot Stories. Patterns of the Universe” augments the current major exhibition “healing. Life in Balance”, which presents a range of voices exploring healing, transformation and balance. 

René Appel,  Harry Pinedo,  Virgínia Maynas Piñon

Curated by
Laura Heidemann 

Weltkulturen Labor, Schaumainkai 37

Admission: free of charge