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“Something about Africa” – Challenges Facing the Education at the Weltkulturen Museum

Stephanie Endter und Carolin Rothmund (ed.): 222 pages, numerous colour illustrations, facsimile and Photographs, softcover, Publisher: Kerber, ISBN 978-3-7356-0137-7 In German.


Over recent years, ascription issues, forms of display and restitution claims have fuelled a debate in German-speaking countries on the remit and tasks of ethnological museums. These crucial issues have major implications for museum education services and require education officers’ to engage with and critique the debate to develop their own positions. This publication takes the educational and outreach practices in Frankfurt´s Weltkulturen Museum as a basis for positing and exploring new approaches to opening up new perspectives and avoiding stereotyping.

With essays by Julia Albrecht, Aline von der Assen, Clémentine Deliss, Stephanie Endter, Stephan Fürstenberg, Miguel Graetzer, Belinda Kazeem, Phyllis Kiehl, Nora Landkammer, Berit Mohr, Esther Poppe, Carolin Rothmund, Kristina Rüger, Lena Sandel, Sebastian Schellhaas, Ani Schulze, Damon Taleghani.

Edited by Stephanie Endter und Carolin Rothmund.

Bi-lingual in one volume: German and English

Design: very, Frankfurt am Main
Publisher: Kerber
ISBN 978-3-7356-0137-7

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