Me2You - Words in Motion

One week, six students and the Weltkulturen Museum as their stage.

Last week the museum hosted a five-day poetry-slam workshop. Six students from the Kasionschule and Michael-Ende-Schule took part. They were taught by the spoken word artist Tanasgol Sabbagh and the performance poet Samuel Kramer. During the week together, the young people learned to play and experiment with their own language.

The workshop was based on the exhibition “Worlds in Motion”.  After having insights into the exhibition, the students made personal references and addressed various topics with their texts and performances. With the help of the two artists the students learned how to structure the writings and how to perform on stage. The result: Poems and short stories on migration and transculturality, which the participants read performed at the end of the week at the Atelier Goldstein.

Participants: Edanur Kertlez, Engtell Santikai, Birikti Mololezgi Andeghergis, Alex Zito, Souhaila Nassiri, Anas Cherrak

In cooperation with: Stadtschulamt Frankfurt, Michael-Ende Schule, Kasinoschule

Project coordination: Frederike Ohnewald, Stephanie Endter